TerraMap Thailand is Geo Marketing GIS.
We support your location evaluation with "Map × Data".

We will continue various challenges to suggest new ideas
of business mapping for our customers.
As a leading company of Geo Marketing GIS field,
we work with the best to provide new Discovery & Value to our customers.

Features of TerraMap Thailand

Features 01
Available from any PC

Because it is a cloud product, it can be used from any PC.
It is possible to use at any time at the headquarters and branch offices, within the company and on the go.
You can respond to sudden needs.

Features 02
Share latest data in-house

Demographic data update once a year, and Landmark data update twice a year.
Since the version upgrade is also performed automatically, you can use the latest data anytime without any stress.

Features 03
Update data from outside the office

MyLandmark is available with mobile. Because you can use it on the go, it can be used as SFA of the sales department.
Since data can be shared in real time, it helps a quick decision.
* MyLandmark is user's own data.


Strategic area planning package via cloud computing Terra MapThailand is an area marketing GIS with a set of functions for commercial region analysis and up to date population or administrative data.
This area marketing GIS can answer questions such as [where are the customers?] by using commercial region map analysis. Finding candidate locations for openings, analyzing existing stores and competitors, optimizing leaflet distribution areas, and installing customer data to a map can all be easily done.
Easily make commercial area analysis by gathering data of population or household numbers. The function of Landmark helps you make wise decisions about opening new stores.


Administrative data
Loaded with Sub-district level data for all over Thailand. Suitable for area marketing such as store development

Grid data
500m grid data is available. It is originally estimated based on population and household data of sub-districts (Tambol level).

Color range
commercial areas can be colored based on statistic data to visualize population distribution.

Display points of landmarks from selected categories.

My Landmark
You can use your own data for analysis. Building new marketing strategy is possible by analyzing your own store data, competitors, and customer data.

Landmark pie chart
Automatically calculate data and display pie chart of selscted landmarks. Visualize market share of landmarks within the same category.

One click report
Make an automated report with 1-click. Quickly make a commercial report and improve your efficiency.


Notice of recovery– Friday, October 15, 2021

The failure of map display was recovered around 17:30 today, and now the system can be used as usual.

Apology for access failure – Friday, October 15, 2021

Thank you for using TerraMap Thailand.

Maintenance information– 31st August 2021 (Tue)

We will be updating security on 31st August 2021 (Tue). 

New data information and maintenance – 10th August 2021 (Tue)

Data will be updated on 10th August 2021 (Tue). 

New version release information and maintenance – 14th June 2021 (Mon)

New version will be released on 14th June 2021 (Mon)


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